Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning is necessary during the warm and hot months of the year and having a licensed air conditioning contractor in your area will ensure your AC runs effectively. At TemperaturePro we can promise our contractors will arrive promptly to repair your air conditioning and provide you with options for maintaining your home’s cooling unit throughout the season. Make TemperaturePro your certified air conditioning repair and maintenance company and keep your family sleeping in comfort tonight.



We can bring you cool relief today! 

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor

Our commercial air conditioning contractors are able to accommodate all your business’s A/C needs including ventilation, chilled water, rooftop unit installation and maintenance, and/or centralized cooling for your building. Call us today to get a quote for your business’s air conditioning system options.

Residential AC Contractor

During the warm and even hot months of the summer and spring seasons it’s vital to have efficient A/C in your home. TemperaturePro can install and maintain your cooling system in any area of your home, from the basement to the attic, with both central and outdoor system options available.

Industrial Air & Cooling

Our goal is to cool the air in your building to maintain a comfortable environment for your occupants using building ventilation, chillers, and outdoor, rooftop systems. Industrial air & cooling is necessary during warm months and TemperaturePro can meet all your industry’s cooling system needs.

Rooftop AC Units

When your company is in need of a new, well-maintained air conditioning unit, TemperaturePro can install any rooftop unit from small buildings to skyscrapers. We can fulfill the AC needs of any commercial or industrial company with our original rooftop AC units.

Ductless AC Systems

Ductless units provide the same reliable cooling that you’ve come to expect from central air conditioners, but they’re set apart by a few key benefits:

  • Variable-Speed Cooling: Ductless systems include a compressor, a hi-tech component that matches your home’s cooling needs in real time. There’s no need for the system to cycle on and off throughout the day, and that continuous cooling leads to better comfort and improved energy efficiency.
  • Energy Savings: Central air conditioners lose about 30 percent of their cooling power to duct leaks. Ductless models lose nothing.
  • Unobtrusive Design: Ductless AC systems are compact and sit high on interior walls, meaning they’ll fit in any home. They also run almost silently.

Because of their small size, ductless systems are particularly well-suited for condominiums, apartments and other homes where every square inch has value. They’re also excellent choices for new additions to existing homes, as it’s often impractical to extend the duct system into the new space. Since ductless AC is among the most energy-efficient options on the market, it’s a fine option for budget-savvy and environmentally conscious homeowners alike.

Keep It Cool with TemperaturePro Northern Colorado

TemperaturePro Northern Colorado always puts you first. Our industry-leading products and services will surpass your expectations for your cooling needs. Call or contact us today to learn more about how we can get started with addressing your residential or commercial cooling needs today.

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